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Light in - Light out on wake

just working on my new project and I would like to make some light in effect on wake and after eg. 2 sec all lighted in objects went out
@ThaMattie, could you help on that ? I just gave up :confused:

Here is an example with 4 dots, but I would like to use 12 of them.

On wake, after 1 sec each of them will start light in (one by one - with lets say 0.15 sec of delay) and when all of them will light - immediately light out

Is it even possible ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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@adrianrogalski . There are a Ton of ways to do what you want. I am in bed now on my Tablet. All the smart stuff is on my Laptop. One way to achieve what you want is by making an animation Sequence and running it on wake. Each set of sequences can have up to 25 Frames. That is the limit on Facer. But it is possible to run Sequences Sequentially. Another way is to have a circle of dots with a mask running over it then switch the whole lot off at the end of the cycle. The nicest will be to have many seperate layers each with its own code and image. Oh Dear lots of work.

Off the top of my head $#DWE#>2?100:0$ which means If the Wake timer is greater than 2 seconds show layer at 100 percent opacity otherwise zero. This code goes in the Opacity Tag and you can set the timings to Milliseconds. But practically I would stick to.1/10.

One way or another you will be into several layers. This is fun because you do not need to go on to a package to create someting. Just have a shape for each dot.

Get back if that is just confusing.


I don’t have access to my pc the coming week, so this is from the top of my head (in the opacity field):

  1. $#DWE#>=1.00&&#DWE#<2?100:0$
  2. $#DWE#>=1.15&&#DWE#<2?100:0$
  3. $#DWE#>=1.30&&#DWE#<2?100:0$
  4. $#DWE#>=1.45&&#DWE#<2?100:0$

@ThaMattie @russellcresser thank you for great help! :blush:
I know that there is a many way to make this but I was thinking about: fade in - on wake and after 2 sec immadiately off.
(thats my english :frowning: fade in, not light in)

…but If fade in isnt possible I’ll use what You mentioned - #DWE# - its ofcourse working well :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Instead of just using 100 opacity, put in a sinusodal function to make a wave over the time frame of the first bit. That will make the fade in / out. I also don’t have my resources with me at the moment to detail this, but might be able tomorrow unless someone else steps in.

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Try this in the opacity field: $#DWE#<=3?(sin(#DWE#/0.65)*100):0$


So @adrianrogalski To be clear . The 12 Lights fade in Individually in a sequence to full brightness over say 1/6 of a second . At the end the all go out ( after 2 seconds ) . Be aware that the image displayed on Wake ( on most watches ) is the one displayed when the Display went to sleep . I would give your effect a second or so before it starts . Sorry I can not do more than this today .

thanx @tom.vannes @russellcresser and @ThaMattie :slight_smile:

On that moment I got sth like this below. I think is what I want but I’ll try @tom.vannes formula as well :slight_smile:
Will try till end of week, cos Im leaving for next few days (work).

What you think 'bout that one ?


Wow. Yeah looks like you got that covered. Catch up when you have done your Work.

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got to work on timming… full wake sequence takes a lil too much time

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Looking good! Yeah, looks like u got it! :+1::+1::+1:

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It looks good, well done. The fade in is really fast.
Because I suspect faces with multiple DWE tags running on background drawing too much power and because I would be lazy to make 12 layers with separate conditions I would rather use only 2 as a mask over marks.


@petruuccios could you turn on inspection mode on the above ?

I gave up a few effect fade in on wake… this flickering made me sick :confused:

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I thought it was open. Did you click the name to open it in separate window to see the rocket icon?
Because it runs so fast, I could reduce the “fade in” into just about 1 extra frame of “transition” :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s working :slight_smile:
but those formulas are too hard for me :confused:
I understand what you did… I thought about appearing dials on wake by unmasking them… but no idea how to code that.
Clamp and Floor are formulas that I still dont know how to use and why :confused:

You are right … thats fast and no need a lot of work to do :slight_smile:


Maybe I could help you make it work, if you describe it more, but to make it look pretty is on you :slight_smile:
I use floor (it cuts decimal numbers) to make the arc grow in ticks
I use clamp (it restricts the value between defined min and max) to not bother with negative values and to not turn further than 1 revolution.


As always Peters Perfect Coding does the job . I am certain this is the best way to do the job . If it was me I would jus copy and paste the code and have a little play . I have some moon formulas that I have absolutely no way of making from scratch but have learn how to modify them to do what I want . Peter always makes it clear what numbers are the ones to change . This has become a Bookmarked Topic in my Profile . With Many thanks .

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I quit that idea about unmasking dials… maby in some other project :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help… all simple formulas don.tt made my brain boiled … but this more complicated its kind of magic :see_no_evil:

Anyway… from about a month one project/idea is still in my mind… will share with you and we can make a cooperation :slight_smile: But I have to find more time to explai what I see in my mind about that. Tomorrow morning I leave to Warsaw till Saturday … if I find a bit of free time to write/draw that idea will definetly do that. If not… will try on Sunday :slight_smile:
Are you in ? :wink:


If it stops being Fun there is something wrong. All this stuff is sitting here ready for your return. Like the Food dumps for the guys trecking to the Poles. Who set up the Food dumps ? Oh well I bet that is just confusing. You have created a Strong Topic. There are many following this who will be delighted to help with anything. Even if it is a pencil sketch to help with the understanding what you have in mind.


Its done :slight_smile: Inspection mode is on
Thank you again for help