Limit length of weather readout

Hi all,
I’m just wondering if there is a way to abridge or limit the length of the weather readout options? Some faces just don’t have enough room for things like ‘chance of light intensity showers’. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

The long winded solution would be to replace it with your own text. Using the Weather Condition numbers, you can create a formula to replace it with any text you want.

For reference #WCCI#:

01 – Clear Sky
02 – Partly Cloudy
03 – Cloudy
04 – Partly Cloudy
09 – Rainy
10 – Rainy
11 – Stormy
13 – Snow
50 – Foggy

Thanks! Do you have an example? I’m not exactly sure where the text is that I’m replacing or where I can view the full list of weather condition readouts?

The above are all the potential read outs from the #WCCI# tag. For the calculation you could do something like this. Create a text element with the abbriviated text you want:
01 - Clear Sky; shortened to “CLR”

In the text field enter: CLR
In the transparency field enter: $#WCCI#=01?100:0$

So basically any time the #WCCI# tag reads an “01”, it will display “CLR”

I do something similar on this face, but instead of text I have different Icons than the stock ones.

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Great! Thanks so much.

Worked beautifully! I’m fairly new to Facer, but I have to say, it seems to be one of the best communities out there :slight_smile:

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