Limit to number daily syncs?

Hello. I’ve been making tons of faces for my Gear Sport via Facer but have noticed that after about 12 syncs or so, i can’t sync any faces from my iPhone’s Facer app or from the web. This happened yesterday after i was testing my faces.

I sync my faces when i’m making them after each edit, so if there is a limit, i know i prob am hitting that limit. if there is a limit, i’m just curious to know how many it is so i can plan my day better when i’m making faces and then finally want to have a finished face sync.



There is no limit, but we know that iPhone<->Tizen watch connectivity is a bit finicky and drops fairly often. We recommend setting your watch on wifi for a more consistent experience. We’ve also heard that launching the Galaxy App on your iPhone is a good way to re-establish the connection when it’s lost.

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thanks for the reply!! :slight_smile: just found this out today with my testing at home… yup… def some BT and Tizen issues, esp on iPhone. sad thing is that my faces don’t update when on the go but only when by added wifi… nonetheless, love Facer and reason why i own a Tizen watch and not Apple Watch… custom faces.