Limiting VAR values

Is there a way to bound (limit values) assigned to VARs (#VAR_1$, #VAR_2#, etc.) so that they won’t exceed upper (max) or lower (min) values?

I’m doing a dual time display and I want to limit the #VAR_1# to be within the recognized time zones (roughly -11 to +14).

I’m using the #VAR_1# value plus UTC hour (#DUH#) to drive the dual time hour hand which works pretty well.

Hello again mark. To limit your VAR you need to use Modulo operator also, like this. (#VAR_1#%26)
This will prevent the VAR value from exceeding 26. If you try to increase past 26 then it will roll back to 0. VAR always start at 0 not 1, this is important to know when coding your VARS. Another important thing to know is that if you sync a face and it starts at 0 and you try to decrease from 0 to 26 it doesn’t roll over like it does the other way. Instead it goes to -1 and nothing happens on the screen. If you want the user to be able to go back and fourth not just one way then you need to do it like this. ((#VAR_1#+260)%26)
When doing this you’re actually starting at 260 so if you decrease it will be 259 instead of -1. It will still only have 26 segments though.

I hope all that makes sense.

Yes it makes sense, but it appears that while I can use modulus or other logic to limit calculated values, I can’t really limit or set VAR_1 (except by the Increment, Decrement and Reset user actions).