Line Movement Help

Trying to get a small line to move from the top of the screen to the bottom every min at 0 seconds. So a small line(shot) fired from the top (12 o’clock) position to the bottom (6 o’clock) position when seconds hit 60 or 0 seconds. Disapearing after hitting bottom. Anyone know how I could do this? Thank you!

Place this in the Yfield:


Check out this watchface for more linear movement:


(Specifically the Scan Line and Laser 2 layers) depending on if you want a bullet or scan line.

Also these threads helped:

–> 0 is where it starts
–> + says to add to 0 (so Y starts at 0 and gets bigger, if you want to start from the bottom of the screen you’d start with a higher number and use the - sign)
–> #Ds# is used to count seconds. If you want to make something move over the course of an hour you’d use another tag, #Dm# I think. I have an example of this in the linked watchface
–> *5.5 is number you calculate based on how far you want to move and the time required. In this case we’re moving an object 330 pixels over the course of 60 seconds… 330/60 = 5.5 So every second, it moves 5.5 pixels downwards.

Thank you! I ended up using (6+(#DWFSS#*19)). However now im trying to get one to do it moving veritcally at 30 seconds. Thoughts?

This is what im working on.

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(1 minute going up)

(30 seconds going down)

Thank you! I meant at the 30 second mark I wanted another line to shoot up from the bottom. Mine are going quite fast so it makes it to the other side in about 3 seconds.

Could you turn inspection mode on?

I think the animation has to be tied to #DWE#/onWake if you want it to consistently shoot at 30 seconds.

Or… I think it’d be easier that way. Dunno, I’d have to see how the watch is currently set up.

I was able to find a shady work around. Now I have it shooting downward at 0 seconds and upwards at 15 seconds. Will do.

Inspection mode is now turned on.

Nice work!

I didn’t make the connection with lives being battery power… :smiley:

Thank you! Haha yeah was hoping that wasn’t too vague.