Linkable Watchfaces

It seems like there’s the ability to click on an icon and link to a webpage for premium designers.

I’m guessing how this works, so if it’s not drawing from a list of specific safe, pre-approved urls then ignore this post.

Would it be possible to add a watchface icon that will trigger another watchface loading?

The idea, would be to link a set of watchfaces without making one watchface bloated. Presumably the end user will have multiple watchfaces stored on their watch so load time wouldn’t be a factor.

I see something like a Choose Your Own adventure type watch series or trigger another watchface loading. For the recent World Cup game watchface (Watchface 1), you would have the option to switch sides, and play as the goalie (Watchface 2) You could set up a casino series of watches and switch to another game/room. For a CYOA something like find gems in a maze and exit said watchface into another challenge.

It could be used by designers to cross promo other designers. It could be used to “animate” multiple scenes from a movie. Lots of possibilities.

I don’t know how this would be implemented but the idea is cool. Lots of possibilities with this concept.