Linking Weather Icon to Weather app in Samsung Gear S3

Hi, I am new to Facer. I am a Helicopter Pilot and the weather is very important to me. I have created my first watch face with Dual Time (local and GMT) and a Weather Icon but I would love to be able to tap the weather icon and have it open the weather app on the watch. It gives much more detail. Also, is there a way for the watch face to use data (Temp, humidity etc) from the app on the watch instead of the phone.

Since I’m a helicopter pilot too, I will try to help… First: Even the complete Accu Weather, which will be provided by the gear won’t help you a bit, since there is no Information about wind or cloudbase etc.
secondU As far as I know, facer doesn’t give you the possibility to produce “tap-buttons”.

Many happy landings

Thanks mate.