Location and weather not working on watch

I’m trying to make my first face …

My face works in the editor of course, but when I run it on the watch, location and weather data are incorrect: location is fixed “Los Angeles” like in the editor and data are empty ( – )

Maybe I’m missing something big and the problem is simple to solve, but I can’t find a fix so I’m asking your help …

All Facer pieces are updated to the latest versions, The phone is a Samsung J7 running 8.1 and the watch is S3 with Tizen 3.0.2. Sync looks to work fine.

Any suggestion?



This problem I had from the day on I created my very first facer watchface.
The reason must be in facer itself because other popular watchface programs (like mr time) both weather icons and temperature data work. I would really appreciate a solution because facer “programming” is more convenient than other systems I tried :slight_smile:
best regards

Did you check Enable Weather Data on the phone app? Its under settings…

Actually under setting I have no check for enabling weather data. The only thing I have in setting is a section titled “weather data” with the settings “temperature scale” (C/F) and “set manual location”. Worth to say that here I put my city, but the watch continues to display “Los Angeles”.

Are you in Android or OS phone? In the Android App, just above temperature scale, you have enable weather data and weather sync frequency…

As wrote above, Android 8.1.

I can’t see anything to enable. This is a screenshot of my setting page:

Got a Solution (probably). De-installed facer (beta) on Phone and re-installed official (non-beta) again.
First impression was correct, hope my next watch faces can proof this :wink:

Must take back my last statement.
In fact, de- and re-install worked approx. for one day.
Now the display is (again) ‘–’. Frustrating!

Hi all,

We are actively monitoring this issue and working towards a resolution this week. We will keep you posted on our progress.

I have everything official from stores, no betas.

It would be nice to know, just for have some more info for debugging, if weather data are supplied by the phone via a kind of plugin - so that location and weather on the phone are the same on the watch - or if the Facer apps lets the watch to use the phone as a communication hub and the watch gets its own location and weather data.

How long is ‘a week’? Seams at least more than 27 days.
Let’s therefor give up - I did so and switched to watchmaker.
Everything works, even click actions.
Bye bye so far

Any solution about the weather data? Nor location neither weather come really up in time to my Gear Sport. I programmed a watchface that uses also sunrise and sunset: the same. My husband’s Zenwatch 3 doesn’t even work these things with dealy, it shows free space on the location where weather data should be.
Can I do anything for you, need any help?
greetings, Petra
update: perhaps I should mention, that I live in Europe, if this is of any importance…