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Lock premium watch faces on desired layout

I think it would be good to have the option to lock premium watch faces once you have selected your desired layout. The amount of times my screen gets touch by kids and removes things is unreal. Definitely worth adding.

I’ve read on here discussion about how to lock a watch screens on premium watch faces. You might want to do a search at the top of this page for lock screen and see what turns up. I know it’s been done, I just don’t know how to do it.

OK thanks

You can lock “hotspots” that are created to allow customization, but it doesn’t exactly stop you being able to enter your watch’s configuration (triple tap, or single long tap on my WearOS watch).

Case in point - in this watch, there’s a hot spot in the top left, bottom left and top right quadrants to allow customization (digital time on/off, date format, theme/colour change), and a smaller hotspot bottom right that locks these hotspots out. But even when locked, I can triple click, or long click the centre and go into configuration, where I can change the colour or the 12/24hr format.

Yeah, a locked face would still be susceptible to triple tap or long press mishaps. It makes me think though that it would be a useful feature on the watch itself if in the quick settings menu there was a lock screen option.

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Actually after posting, I noticed that my Moto360 does have a lock screen option. Is it part of WearOS? It’s under “Display” and its called “touch lock”.

It’s part of WearOS. My Gen 4 Fossil Q Explorer has that just like you described. You can also lock the screen on Tizen powered Samsung watches. I lock my S3 Frontier every night so that I can’t bump it while I’m sleeping and turn the screen on. I have to push the top button to read the time. It helps save the battery.

I have found a few faces with a lock option, but options are limited.

Did you see if your watch is able to lock the screen?

The watch can but only if the face has it as an option. Only found a few I like that have it.

What about a special Lock/unlock toggle variable which automatically disables/enables all other variables. This would negate having to configure the lock/unlock toggles as we do now which consumes 1 of the variables.

I doubt if they will do that.

If you don’t ask you don’t get. Always good to improve the app with time savers and simplify common actions that would be used by many. If premium had more available reusable widgets, more people may decide to upgrade to premium and utilise the features if their easy to use. similarly if they provided conditional drag and drop builders, makes it easier for users…lots of apps are going No code…facer could benefit doing the same as well as its user base.

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I can’t argue with that. Anything that adds to the platform or makes it easier to use is a plus.