Lok Unlock adjustment of GMT hour hand

Hi to all
Following the instructions of the great AllenMiquel, i succeeded in realizing an adjustable GMT 2nd hour hand. 1 Tap at 3 = +1h; 1Tap at 9 = -1h
However later on i discovered on my skin that the regulation i did can change due to an accidental tap on 3 or 9.
From here my request. Is there a way to lok/unlock the regulation points once i did my adjustment?
May be adding another interaction area, for instance at 6, that lock/unlock the functions at 3 and 9?
Or there is another way? Being a beginner i will need some help. Can someone tell me how could i realize the lock/unlock function? Which expression should i use? Where must i insert it?
Thanks very much for any help :blush:

Yes it is possible just use the VAR to move the other buttons off screen so they cant get pressed by accident and then revers the equation to put the buttons back

Firstly… “the great AllenMiquel”… please no lol, just no :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, by lock/unlock you mean so people can no longer adjust that alternate time? If so yeah, you’d just need an extra interaction area, let’s say a Toggle for VAR_6, and then on any position field of the interaction areas you use to adjust the time you do something like:
This means if VAR_6 has been toggled ON, the interactive object (you should add it to both the increment and decrement elements) will move to position 9999, otherwise they’ll sit at 160 (change this to whatever your actual position for each of the elements is). :v:

Edit: Daz beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah that’s the gist of it :slight_smile:

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You got the crown, now wear it! :rofl: :joy:

OK, but how do you lock/unlock that extra interaction area to keep that from being tapped unintentionally… ??? :crazy_face:

On a more serious note: is long press or double tap supported by Facer interactions?
These should be less prone to accidental activation, but I guess the watch hardware features also come into play here.
e.g. on the Samsung Galaxy watch a long press activates the Samsung ‘face picker’ (of which the Facer app is one) and triple tap within the Facer app activates the Facer ‘face picker’.
I guess other watch brands may have similar features that could complicate matters.

I guess you could try getting messing with modulo and time since VAR update? Something along the lines of… if the current VAR value is a multiple of 2, and the time since the variable was last set is lower or equals to X, then something happens? That’d be for a ghetto double-tap I guess lol

Good idea; (if it works).

I guess you could time out the ‘actual’ interactions as well, i.e. only have them active for a limited time after last touched and/or activated by the unlock interaction.

Hi dazstacey
Thx for your kind suggestion, but i would have something to lock/unlock on the fly on my watch.
What you suggest, i presume, it is possible only by editing on facer creator.

Hi Allen
Don’t you like the appellation “great” ? LOL,
No, i intended a different thing. People can change the alternate time at their will. This is the aim of having an adjustable alternate time. What i intended is to avoid an unwanted change due to an accidental tap.
Thx for your reply

Ah… well… I don’t think there’s a way to do that no. You either block them from being able to use the “buttons” or you don’t… Not really sure what you mean still though lol.

Thx again for helping. I asked that because i have a Galaxy watch and using some faces of Galaxy shop, that function of locking/unlocking on the fly is possible.
As to say 1 tap at 3 start chronometer; 1 tap at 9 stop chronometer; 1 tap at 6 reset it and 1 tap at 12 lock/unlock the chronometer function.
May be that in Facer this is not possible
Thx and cheers

Hi Allen
I would have another ask for you :smiley:
The formula you got me (#DWFKS#+(#VAR_1#*30)) works at his best.
But if i would move the hand in a dial of 24 h, after the first adjustement, can i use the same formula, or i need a different one?
In the second case, could you give to me the 24h formula?
I beg your pardon, but as a mathematician i’m very very poor :cry:

I imagine you could use the tag #DWFHS# instead of #DWFKS#. That should give you an hour hand that ticks 24 times rather than 12.

@mauriziosignorini1 I trust that you are aware of the Facer documentation at http://docs.facer.io/

Read the advanced section (if you have not already) Tags, Expressions & Conditionals etc.

Some of it can be cryptic, so feel free to ask on the forum for more help :slight_smile:
There are some very good explanations and even detailed tutorials published here by the expert users.
I am still learning from them every day. :blush:

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Hi Allen
As usual you are very collaborative. Thx very much. What you suggested works at perfection.
Meantime another guy, carlosfilippa, gave to me these other 2 formulas :
(#DWFHS#+(#VAR_1#*15)) if you want smooth rotation
(#DWFH#+(#VAR_1#*15)) if you want classic step rotation
and these too works at his best
Thx again, have a nice day