Looking For a Countdown Timer Expression

I had posted about this in Expression Help but wasn’t seeing much, but I was wanting to be able to start a countdown timer from a set amount like 15 minutes. I have a face design with analog hands and a digital readout behind them and I’d love to be able to tap an area on the face to make that digital readout to change into a timer counting down.

Anyone have anything like that? I’m still new to expressions in Facer and coming up with nothing. So I’d appreciate any input.

Or can a Chronograph be setup to the digital face?

that would be my suggestion to use the chrono functions to create a timer

So would that be something like this:

$ #SWISRUNNING#==0?#Db#:#DmZ#:#SWEM#:#SWES#$

Do I need/can I use quotation marks on the true and false outputs since they contain a semicolon which is already part of the conditional formula?