Looking for a critique


I am looking for a critique on my latest watch face RMG carbon tach v2.0.
It can be found here. RMG Designs - RMG Carbon Tach V2.1 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

I am still having some major problems with the nerve in my left arm, and cant wear a smartwatch, But it is getting better. I was told to try to wear a watch on the right arm. But not to sure about that.

But anyway. I am not sure I like the logo on the cover, which I pretty sure i will change byt next week. I got rid of the little wobble in the seconds dial, and I may change the Sun and moon dial.

Any help would be great, and will only make me a better face designer down the road.

Thank you


Nice design; I like the Sun/Moon display and the day and month dials work well. The seconds dial is too small to read for my poor eyes though :slight_smile:


By the way, to save people having to follow the link to your design ( and noting that some people might not do so ) you can put the watch face into your post by pasting the address by itself in a new line with no other text before or after it.

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I have to agree with mikeoday, the seconds dial is way too small to read. Other than that, looks good.

I noticed in your description, it says the design may blur on smaller watch faces. I find that in order to get the best results across multiple platforms and screen resolutions is to make my graphics projects at 640x640px in Photoshop first. I also add a small 0.5 - 1.0 px gaussian blur to help smooth my edges when scaled down to fit the actual screen.

If I may comment on the logo, I assume it is the logo on the “dim” mode face. I find the less busy I make my logo, the easier it is to adapt it and use it in various formats. Same goes for the font I choose or create. I like to create most of my content, but fonts are a weak spot for me, so I tend to use or modify pre-existing styles to meet my own needs.

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