Looking for an Off the wall, over the top Cubs watchface

Looking for one of you crazy, outlandish, brilliant designers to make me a watchface that screams "CHICAGO CUBS!!! " anyone interested?? I’d be willing to pay if its not to much.

I got you. Their logo would make it very easy to do. I could even do a reskin of this face if you like this format. Although my guess would be a hand full of people will jump on this and you will get a few to choose from.

That would awesome. I’ve been looking all around for one that really STANDS OUT but none really have. I’ve made a couple basic ones but nothing eye popping.

The problem with making a face for someone else without really talking about the details is that I can’t really see the vision you have for it. Here is a super fast re-skin of my London Spitfire 3d face though. Although I don’t feel that it fits the category of Off the wall, over the top. If there’s anything you want to add or change just let me know and I’ll try my best to make it happen.


I hate to be picky but could you use the logo that has the bear walking in the middle of the C?

Of coarse. No need to worry about being picky, this face is for you specifically so you just let me know what you like. I also took the liberty of making it randomly pick one or the other each time the watch wakes. There’s 50% chance of each. I can always remove this option if you prefer to stick with just the bear cub only. Just refresh the page and you should see the updates.

That is AWESOME!! I hate to ask for a little more but could you make the hands a little bigger. My old eyes aren’t what they should be, and the second hand blue. IT WOULD BE PERFECT! You are amazing.

Ask away my friend, I really don’t mind. Not to mention this face was mostly built for me already so these little changes don’t take much. Check again, are those hands more of what you were thinking of or bigger?

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! You are remarkable. I already have it loaded and ready to show off to everyone. Thank you kind sir.

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My pleasure, sit with it for awhile and see how it feels. Let me know if you want anymore changes/additions. It’s still super basic so you may decide you want a little more.

I’d love to have it loaded will all the options but I’m not gonna be greedy. Thank you again sir

Well see that’s why I don’t mind doing it for you. If you were greedy I wouldn’t be as interested in doing it for you but I enjoy doing nice things for good people who appreciate it. Hit me with the info you want on the watch and I’ll be honored to add it to the dim screen. Since the wake screens focal point is the logo you don’t want to clutter it all up with info. Dont feel like it’s to much to ask because if it’s not everything you want then I feel like I have a half finished watch and it needs to be finished. Lol

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If you could incorporate this image into the dim mode. And make the 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock spots resemble like the base passes that would look amazing. And one last thing. I feel bad asking but better indicators for the watch and phone. You are amazing.

I can definitely do that.
Do you mean better than the spitfire watch? So like a symbol vs the “W” or “P”?

Like instead if having the 3 have a white square like first base, at 12 have a white square like second base, and at the 9 have a white square like third base. Then were the 6 would go have a homeplate looking symbol so that it sort of resembles the bases on a baseball diamond. Does that make sense??

I understood the bases but I was trying to clarify what you meant by this quote. Also I can do the bases where the 6 is home plate but I think it translates to time better if we put the home plate at 12. It’s your face though so what do you think?

Sorry. I had a long day at work and I was in a different world while typing that. Your idea of the homeplate at 12 sounds great. And the other line was supposed to say battery indicators for the phone and watch!!! Next time I’ll wait until I’m a little more awake and less exhausted before I type!

Great work, looks very cool already!

If you would sell this watch for real it should be a bestseller for all fans.

Absolutely amazing!!! I love it. Thank you very much for all your effort.

All my friends want to get a smartwatch now so they can have this face.