Looking for another Critique on my first watch


How are you doing? Hope everything is going well.

I was wondering if i could please have get another critique on my first watch.

After speaking with Carlos Fillppa about changes during my first critique. I have revised my watch face, making changes to the active and the dim. Any suggestions would be great. I can get better unless I know whats wrong and how to fix it to get better.

One small thing, I have nerve damage in my left arm that is very slowly getting better. But I cant wear anything there. I did buy the newest Samsung galaxy watch but ran in to a problem that I could keep it on for more then 5 mins so I had to return it. So intil I heal up I can see what it really looks like on a real watch.

If this is in the wrong section I am sorry, Not sure really where to ask for critiques or reviews of my watch.

Thank you in advance


Quite good effort …

I think the hands are a little ‘busy’, with too much on the short arm of both second-hand and month-hand.

I would also not make the date numbers (outer rim) be only vertical. Then, they could also be slightly larger.

I agree with @andrew.dowden your hands are a little much. Maybe shorten them up a bit. Other then that the watch has a very sleek, clean look. I like it alot.

Already nice but think you should make some things bigger, like the data fields, text size and the hour blocks…


Thank you all for your critique of my first watch. it really means alot. I will make the changes and repost my watch for another critique if it ok with you. I dont have a smart watch right now, cause of some nerve damage that is taking very long to heal.

I will fix the numbers, maybe turn them and make them bigger. I will also fix the hands. I can see how they are very busy. I was not very happy with the days hand. wanted it to look different then the seconds but I think it looks a little plain.

Is the a set of templates I should be working from? right now I am only going by my sketch book and Ideas. Point sizes, hand lengthens and widths? I am useing 640X640px. Should i be working Higher?

Thank you again hope to talk to you all again soon.


How are you doing? hope everything is going well.

Thank you for taking the time, to look at my watch face.

You know what funny, I always go to your watches to look at them. Wonderful design. I wish i could wear them.

I am doing this for fun right now, I teach graphic design at the local community college, and have a M.A.

I Love the Swiss watches and fountain pens. was always told that a gentlemen has a nice watch a fountain pen and a money clip.

Is there any other corrections I could make on this watch? I have two other I am working on. If yo have time you can see them on Instagram under RMGSketchbook.

Thank you again for taking the time to look at my watch face, I hope to talk to you again.