Looking for digital face with SHORTCUTS to fav apps

I can’t find ANY digital faces with shortcuts to messages, phone, music player, etc. I have one from a non-Facer creator, but would like to find one or more with digital face with shortcuts on Facer. Anybody help? Thanks.

There are numerous watch faces on here that have what you are looking for. I’ll try to ll you the names of some great designers and I’m sure you can find what you need from one of them. @GAUSS, @pacingpoet, @eradicator09, @selia67, @syntaxracing, @Tomas. These are just a few. Good luck finding what you are looking for.

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Thank you for the shout out @chadwgraves37 but I do not have any “digital” faces with app shortcuts. The only two I have, so far, with app shortcuts are both analog. As much as I would love for you to enjoy my designs @bobandjudyhm but you might find what you’re looking for from one of the other premium designers.

My mistake. I was just trying to point him towards the people I know are professional and have premium faces. I’m sure one you that I listed can help him out.

Hi there, I’m not sure about your taste, but if you like hybrid (analogue/ digital) designs:

Or pure digital:

Otherwise check out the top 50, there are quite a few there :slight_smile: or are you looking for faces that launch to specific apps? If so, we are a little limited. The blueprint/diagram you’ll see if you click the first face should give you an idea about the kinds of things we can link to. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Is it even possible to link to an installed app via Facer? Whether hard coded or selectable on watch?

It is somewhat limited (see my response above) :slight_smile: mostly we only link to pre-installed apps at this stage.

Thanks for that roycaruso.

Facer gods: Is there any intent to introduce this functionality at some stage? Ability to create a shortcut to an app installed on the watch?

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No worries @chadwgraves37, I do appriciate the shout out and support though! :smiley:

LOL…now that “Roch” would drive me crazy! AND neither one of the designs (that I can see) have a touch link that launches my favorite apps…or any apps! But thanks for your attempt.

Currently facer can only link to activity, calendar, weather, alarm, reminders, contacts, phone, and settings. This designs do have links but doesn’t sound like They are the ones you’re looking for.

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I’m wondering if I’m not making my request clear… I currently have a face designed by a non-Facer creator. The face of the watch is digital, and I can touch the face of the watch in different boxes labeled “Phone” “Mess(age)” to open and make a phone call. Same for creating and sending a text message. Is there a Facer watch face that has that ability? Thanks.

Wondering if you could point me to just one of the digital watch faces that has shortcuts on the home face that launch the phone or message apps. Thanks. I just can’t seem to find them!

Try asking @syntaxracing he said there is a phone ability a few posts upwards. Maybe he knows of someone that made one already? But like they stated I dont think any of them are digital

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Haha different strokes for different folks. Many in the top 50 actually have touch links that launch the apps…You just press on the sections indicated in the diagrams.

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Faces may not have them labelled as ‘phone’, ‘settings’ etc, but they do have areas allocated on which you press to go to that app. For example, in the top one, you press on the heart rate to go to the fitness app. In the second one, you press on the weather icon to go to the weather etc. Each face will have different things, so make sure to look at the diagrams provided. About half of the top 50 are digital and most of them have the link features, so you have plenty to play with :slight_smile: Hope that helps!


How do I do this?

Hello @joris.pierik, in order to create app links in your faces you need to become a premium designer. The guidelines on how are outlined here.

I hope this helps.

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