Lost my favourite face!

I found a face that I loved but didn’t click the heart to put it in my favourites list accidentally. I used this face for a day or so but wanted to try a different face. However when I went to change back to my favourite face it was gone. I have spent hours looking through faces and I cannot find it or even anything close enough to satisfy me. There must be a way to see the history of faces that I’ve used?

Hi @ojunk83

In the Facer app of your phone you have to tap “Watchbox” at the far low right of the screen.
Then, in the new screen, tap “RECENT” . Is on top of the screen. There you should see last faces that you have synced on your watch. I think regardless of whether you had the watch face in your favorites.
Hope this can help

You have to have an upgraded account to use the watchbox recent faces in the app. Free users don’t have access to it.

@ojunk83 if you tap your watch three times you will be able to scroll through the last 10 faces that you have used. On WearOS just swipe from right to left once in the watchbox or on Samsung tap the right arrow to move to the right.