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Lost step count, etc. Complications?

Again I have no step count, distance, etc on the face of my Galaxy 4 watch. Why does this happen? Do I have to enable something again?

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So sorry you have Step Count problems . There have been all sorts of Updates recently . I would try reboot your Watch and Phone . Occasionally I got to the Facer App Settings on my Phone and Reinstall the Companion App especially when the Facer app has been updated . I guess you know all about giving your Samsung Health App permission to collect data from your watch . Unfortunately the relationship between GW4 and the Rest of the Planet is Evolving . It is not just a problem with Facer . It is getting Better .

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I have been in contact with Facer Support about some of my watch face users having issues with heart rate and step count. They told me it’s a known problem with the GW4 watches. They have told me to ask them to turn their watch off, wait a minute then turn it back on. If that does not fix the issue, they would like to hear directly from you. You can contact Facer Support by emailing them at: facer-support@little-labs.com They want you to include the watch brand and model number, the operating system version plus the Facer app version you have. Also include a detailed explanation of the issue you are having so they can investigate what might be going on.

By the way, for what it’s worth, I always turn off both my GW4 and my GW 1 watch before I charge their batteries. I can say from experience that I never have a problem with them. My Fossil Carlyle test watch is restarted weekly and has had an issue with steps and heart rate not working. Restarting it seemed to fix it when it acted up.


Thank you, turning it off and on reset it and it’s working now.


Good deal, I’m glad it helped.

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As always a little MAGic solves the problem. Thank you @mrantisocialguy for you Contribution. This is a Bookmarked Topic. Very Inspiring :::)))

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