Lost weather data on Huawei, works on S3

Hey support,
I lost my weather info WCCI and WCT on my Huawei (all faces), but works perfect on my S3. I uninstalled the app on my phone, waited for it to leave the Huawei and reinstalled.

This solved my “Cannot connect to watch” error, but I lost my weather data completely now.

WCT just reads –
WCCI icons don’t appear at all.

the Huawei is the 3695 running Android wear 1.5. Android 6.0.1.
Facer 3.1.5_1643.

Enable weather data is on
Sync is 30 minutes
Location manually set

Can you help?


Hi @jmorga106! Sent your report to our test team and they’re going to try and reproduce this and help you out. Stay tuned!

Actually fixed it last night. I dumped the app a second time and reloaded everything. Twice around was the charm.