Lucky Andrei complete collection!

Many of the regulars here are well familiar with Lucky Andrei who was usually very active here as well as single handedly keeping the Slack channel going for most of its existence. We’re saddened to hear of his passing and I thought it would be a good idea to make it easy for people to find his faces so they have a chance to remember him or for some meet his work for the first time. So here’s a link to his Facer profile where all his published works will hopefully remain available.


Oh no! :disappointed_relieved:


Ohh this is sad … He helped me bunches and was a very nice Soul. May He RIP. My Prayers go to his Family in these hard Times :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Horrible news. He was super helpful on the forums and will be missed. Thanks @kvansant


I saw some watch faces popping up, which were dedicated to him. So I decided to make one as well. He had a profile pic on slack and I always thought it was him for some reason

Here’s my tribute

It saddens me that he has left us. We were planning to work together.


I am very saddened to learn of Andrei’s disappearance. He has always spontaneously given me support here, solving my problems with intelligence and kindness. His memory will remain in our hearts, as well as in the beautiful watch faces published here.