Lucky Andrei Tribute

Please help me to get this into the Charts before the Day is done as a Tribute to our Fiend. A Few Followers have given some Syncs and Comments already. Of course you will see the Date is Auspicious. As you know I do not often promote my work. This is not on FB or Instagram. So let us see if this Community Alone can give some thanks for what Andrei shared with us.



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What he said. twice!

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Thanks . :+1:

Thanks . :+1: :+1:

No one else will say it , but thats why i will. It seems to me a real shameful thing to use the death of someone a year ago to get your watch in the charts , thats not honorable , thats selfish and self centered. Im sure youll argue or just delete my comments which backs up what I say about the type of person that does this.

Hi @dirtycountry79 . Nice to meet you ( again ). Yes I agree . I did not post the link here lightly . You may Realise I am not a Sync Hunter . I am a Free Maker and I do it for Fun . Like a Lot of Tributes I was trying to Honour what Andrei did on Facer and the Communities during his life . I am extremely glad to say I got 12 syncs I think with Likes and Comments form some who knew Andrei well .
You will see if you Inspect the Face I made considerable effort to make it . That was my Tribute .

oh, so thats why you were begging people of the community to get it into the charts…because you didnt want it to be popular

Hey @dirtycountry79 I appreciate you trying to Educate me about Humility. I was hoping the Face would be Polular. I do not give a Shit about being Popular Myself. For me it is about Smart Watch Faces. Sorry.