Made as a request

Someone Liked my Ironman Face using this same format, and requested if I could make another with Batman and Catwoman. Easy enough to edit the old one I thought, so I jazzed it up with an animated background (I did publish a non animated version as well), swapped the Ironman models for Batman and Catwoman, made new Blades for the Wake effect, and even added a different Batman and Poison Ivy to the Dim display.
What do you all think of the end result? I’m actually really impressed with how crystal clear and good it looks on my watch :smiley:


Good Balance all Round . Good Job :::)))


Thanks Russell, the 4 Blades are easy to cut out lol
Background was a 5 minute YouTube video, took ages converting it and editing it down to a 25 Frame gif :open_mouth:
Gotham Gif 02