MAG 1425 - Hotel California

This is what happens when you get a weird idea. The song “Hotel California” by The Eagles keeps running through my head every time I look at this watch face for some reason. “On a dark desert highway, Cool wind in my hair, Warm smell of colitas, Rising up through the air” ~Don Henley

MAG 1425


Crazy good idea.
Now I got another idea that will I play with tonight - fit some easy rider handle bars with gauges in the bottom…


very nice! I like you kept it clean. …though there is potential for a day time/vs nighttime thing happening in the sky?

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In English

Life is always on the move … !!!
The earth turns …
People walk …
Molecules are always in motion …
The heart beats
Cars are transported …
For me, this design, the understanding, that I am always on the move, that everything continues on our way !!!
Anytime and everywhere !!!
Very good ideas !!! :cowboy_hat_face: :ok_hand:
Excellent !!! mrantisocialguy

En español

La vida siempre está en movimiento …!!!
La tierra gira…
La gente camina…
Las moleculas siemrpe en movientos…
El corazon…late
Los automoviles se trasnportan…
Para mi , éste diseño , me la conseptcion , que yo estoy siempre en movimiento, que todo continua en nuestro camino!!!
En cualquier momento y por todas partes !!!
Muy buena la ideas!!!
Excelente!!! :wink: :+1:
Cordialmete ! JDCardozo

Nice work my friend, “and still those voices are calling from far away” lol


“Wake you up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say, Welcome to the Hotel California”

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Excellent!!! Very good work!! @mag1425

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You got me thinking about how I could do that without completely changing the graphic. I figured it out and added a “neon” sun for the day and left the moon at night. Thanks for the idea!


Nice touch Mr Antisocial Sir, but it made me think, looking at it…you have room for the sun to travel across the sky during daylight hours, then maybe the moon could do the same…


That would mean a total rework of all the graphics. I’ve already spent too much time on this face which “might” get 10 syncs total. If I make a version two I might try that, but this one will have to show some popularity before a V2 comes along.

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Totally hear you there Sir :vulcan_salute:

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yeah! That’s a subtle but effective touch :slight_smile: I do also like Gizmo’s idea of the sun and moon traveling across the sky as functioning indicators (maybe even only as 24hr/day-night, rather than a super complicated thing where it factored the current daylight/nighttime hours) Leave that for @ThaMattie to work on. He’ll have it ready by next March :slight_smile: