Magic 8 ball - does this watch face break any laws

Hey all facers!

I’ve created or rather, made replica of Magic 8 ball game in our watch faces.

Question is, espacialy to Partners or/and Facer, as I want to be transparent, maybe one day will be invited to Partner,
is it OK to publish this watch face and not to break copyright/trademark limits?

Here you have my watchface:

You need to ask a question, press number 8 then you get the answer :wink:
Press again (unfortunately no way to switch it back automatically) to get back to your time face.

New answer is possible only after new wake of the watch…

As far as Google takes me, “Magic 8 Ball” is a trademark by “Mattel”. So there’s that.
On the other hand I sort of doubt Mattel will show up on and report your watch face :stuck_out_tongue: but if you want to be 100% safe, just changing the name should suffice I’d say.

Almost forgot to mention, love the design! but if I may suggest something; the BPM and the Steps, you’d probably be better off having a sticker/icon instead of the words “BPM” and “Steps”, that way it would look much better when you’re trying to simulate a “circular” path for those elements. As it stands, the “Steps” line for example is just long enough to break the illusion.

Also, what is it that you’re missing now then? just a way for that magic text to go back to showing the watch face?


If only changing name solve eventual case, no problem!