Make minute hand rotate from centre


I’m trying to rotate the minute hand from the centre point, rather than from the end. Is there a way to do this?


What do you mean by “from center point”?
Rotation can happen between 2 angles (starting one and ending one).
What do you want those 2 angles to be?

So if you imagine the centre of the watch. I want to place the minute hand across the centre point, so the centre point is in the middle of the minute hand. It should then turn clockwise. So when it points to 12 the tail of the hand will point to 6. Thanks

So you want not just rotation, but also a rotation’s center movement?

If yes then there is a quite easy way of creating that:
where 160 is center of movement’s “rotation”, r is radius at which the rotation point is kept (from that 160x160 point) and x and y are your time functions (just remember to change them, so that they change not from 0 to 60 (seconds) but from 0 to 2pi (just divide it by 60 and multiply by 2pi))

Cheers, I shall give that a go!