Make object disappear

Hi all, I have a shape I want to flash every three seconds.

I have written a conditional using the modulus 3 of the seconds variable, and got the true output to set opacity to 100, and the false to 0.

When I run this in the creator, it works as expected, however when pushing to my watch, it’s static. Is this a known bug?

I’m using a ticwatch pro (wearOS)

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I find the code on the watch is more sensitive than Creator. I put loads of ( ) every where. Try sending us the code or a shareable link to your Draft. There are loads of examples of how to flash and phase stuff on the community. Try a search top right magnifying glass. Come back here as you go along.

Try using this, it will flash on every 3rd second. $(#Ds#%3)=2?100:0$ You can change the =2 to 0 or 1 depending on which second you want the image on. Or if you want it on for 2 and off for one just switch the it to ?0:100$

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@karl.mearns . This is always fun .
So *3 is the number of seconds per Phase as sin gives -1 to 1 multiply by 50 to give -50 To 50 then add 50 to give 0 to 100 for your opacity of anything except for a Sequence.
Mess with the numbers and put it on the size of something for some Zooming .
I must say Merry Christmas to you and @mrantisocialguy Happy new year to you Both . :slightly_smiling_face:
I have to tear myself away from my Laptop to do a little Family Business.

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I have also fount that brackets are important.

On a face I was working on $#DH#%2!=0?100:0$ worked fine in creator and view mode but not on the watch, it was always on. I had to add the brackets to make it $(#DH#%2)!=0?100:0$

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I go $((#DH#)%2)!=0?100:0$ :+1::slightly_smiling_face: