Making hand stand still

I’m trying to make a hand stand still, specifically #ATM# when #DH# hits 10am/pm and 4pm/am. there must be something, because, as far as I know, in DIM mode some values stand still (like heartrate).

I need something like $#DH#>10&&#DH#<16?store#ATM#inVariable*rotationalvalue:juststaywhereyouare$

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Mmm, I don’t think what you are asking is possible with the tags we have in Facer. It is not currently possible to store a value into a variable and so I don’t believe there is way to store the value of the tag #ATM#.

There are ways to make time hands appear to stand still but that is because there are independent tags for time and it is possible to subtract one from the other to “freeze a time based hand” but I can’t think of a way of doing it with #ATM#.

Thanks for replying so swiftly. I just realised the #ATM# tag isn’t influenced by current high or low-pressure weather.
It seems to be linearly related with the altitude. Or am I wrong?

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Sorry, not so quick with this reply :slight_smile:

#ATM# returns the current atmospheric pressure being measured by the built in barometer in your watch. So it is definitely influenced by weather. It is effectively the same as would be reported by a table-top or wall mounted weather station in your home and changes continuously with the weather. It is also very sensitive to altitude. Something like 36 mbar per 1000ft from memory. This means that a significant change in altitude will have a larger impact on the reading than the typically smaller changes in pressure due to weather. I believe that the #ALT# tag is based on this fact and returns an estimate of your altitude based on the assumption that the current sea level atmospheric conditions are “standard” ( ie. 1013 mbar, 15 degC and the change in air temperature with altitude is linear ). If the atmospheric conditions are not “standard” ( low/high pressure at sea level, colder/hotter than 15 degC and/or say a temperature inversion layer is present ) then the altitude estimate will diverge from your actual altitude by an amount that could be very significant ( say, typically in the range +/- 350ft or so but could be larger in extreme cases ).

thank you for the extensive explanation!! this is great news, now I can proceed finishing my barometer watchface

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You are most welcome; I look forward to seeing it.


Here you go, haven’t tested it yet on my watch, but if ATM stays in range of 960-1060 it should work


That looks lovely, well done!

Looking good @William


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I love this watch face, William! It’s beautiful!
Really good how you combined the traditional barometer-design with the modern functionality.
And the font is in a clear type, so I can read tomorrows weather even without my glasses :nerd_face:
One small question: could you make the date visible in dimmed mode too?

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sure thing, made it the date even bigger for you

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That’s very fast and very kind!! Thanks!