Making requests


I don’t see a place to make requests, outside of feature requests area that I can not post too so

I’d love to see a face like one or 2 of the nice faces by @nicolas or @kvansant but modified for my needs.

I’ve already contacted both of them, waiting for response.

I know you can not edit and redistribute others work but I’m sure there are others that make this kind of quality nd detail I like that can come up with something.

Features I’d not need in most of these faces
Basically the activity area, heartrate, steps, distance.
In place, an icon like on our phone that shows how many new messages and or emails with a button to open the correlating apps.
Buttons to open other apps that I can program, voice recorder, note app, etc.

There are other things I’d like such as below but above would be most important

If someone can figure out, a way to show distance I traveled today, via the watches built in GPS

Any thoughts or people up for the challenge or an I dreaming?

Thank you for your time

Distance travelled is worked out from the steps count, it can’t be done using the GPS yet sorry.

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From what I understand there are alot of complications people have not delved into yet so

I can hope

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New messages and emails or distance travelled via GPS can’t be worked into Facer currently. You can make a button to link to open those apps with Creator Pro. Distance travelled is often done in Facer via a formula from steps.


Ugh, more bad news. Haha

Facer, some of these things, messages and email should be a given

Thank you @bradtc