Manage Favorites - sort and filtet

Is there any way to manage Favorites in facer for ios? They appear to save in random order rather tham most recent on top (like Facer for ios). Also would be great to be able to change sort and create filters

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Hi @gail . Welcome to the Community. Yeah there is no Filter for Favourites nor Watch Box which means you have to do a lot of scrolling if you have a Large Collection of your own and others faces. What I did was give myself a Most Liked Folder and keep some in there as well but that is expanding . I will not say be more selective that would be a great shame .

Welcome to the Community Gail :wave:
I know that if you use the Online Creator you can set a few different Filters, and even do a Search as well -

If you use the App on a Phone or Tablet, then simply select your own Profile, top left, and then you can select Faces, where you’ll see a column of 3 Dots in the top right corner. Selecting that will give you the option to view your Faces Alphabetically or with the Most Recent at the top.
Hope this helps you…have fun creating :smiley:

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