Mario V2 animated bullet

I updated this with a moving bullet. I may have to go back and make the animation a bit smoother but it’s a start.


Nice start at animations @akatma78. As it looks jumpy, maybe you are using stop motion frames? I’d suggest taking one frame, and simply changing it’s X coordinate mathematically to smooth it out. Try this expression in the X field box of the image:


You may need to play with the numbers a bit, but it more or less does something similar. I plucked it out of another face of mine that does something similar. 320 is the width of the screen, #DWE# is time since screen was turned on, I am not sure but I think 40 might be the speed? I don’t recall what the 12 was for, maybe a rounding thing…??


Indeed. For non complex animations moving an image with expressions saves memory, processor works and more on a face.
It can add wrinkles to your own, working out the exact numbers and multipliers but well worth it once you achieve the end result.


Ok that worked perfectly @bradtc thank you for the help. So much smoother now!