Massive Sync-Problems on Huawei-Classic

Help. I have massive sync issues with my Huawei Classic Smartwatch at the moment.

Since a few days and the new updates I hardly can get a watch face synced with my Huawei.

The actual Facer version on the watch is: 4.5.14_91729, but the problems began with the previous version.

Wlan-connection is present, it is indicated that the watch face is loaded, but after completion of the process only the “Powered by Facer” screen appears again.

I already tried everything: Watch reboot, Facer reinstallation, douzends of sync attempts.

Does anyone has any ideas? Does anyone know the problem and/or the solution?


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Hi @GAUSS! When you see the “Powered by Facer” screen on your watch, can you try tapping on the screen to keep the watch awake? what seems to be happening is that the loading doesn’t complete until the watch goes to sleep.

I will try, thank you for the fast respond!