Match time of sequence

Is there a way to match the timing of a sequence…say to the seconds or minutes ect

Yes you can. Simply use an expression to bring the sequence into frame when it is needed, then out of frame when it is not. For instance I have a sequence of Sonic running along, but I want to turn it off and substitute it for one of him doing a loop, but only in the first 2 seconds of every minute. So in the X coordinate (of the looping sequence) I have the following expression:


Basically, most of the time the sequence is at an X coordinate of 2000. In the 1st 2 seconds of every minute it brings the sequence in frame and does it’s spin thing, but only in the 1st 2 seconds. Then it goes away back to 2000.

There is also as similar expression for the regular running sequence:


Here, most of the time he is at X coordinate 130, except for the 1st two seconds of each minute, at which time he is moved out to X coordinate 2000.


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Thanks for the reply but I’m not sure how to apply that with what I’m working on

I was ask if I could match the animation in the background to the seconds on this


Maybe I mis-understood. Why not just set the sequence length to 1 second then, and have it repeating? Do you also need to start the sequence to begin at the exact top of each second?

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I don’t think you can. If you want to do that, you’d have to split the sequence in to separate layers, and show/hide each layer using part of the seconds or dnow tag or something.


@bradtc I set duration to a sec and it is working like they had hoped it would thanks for the help