MbM - Aileron 2 Gold step count and temperature readings

I bough MbM - Aileron 2 Gold because it looks good. However, I can’t get the TMP and Step counter to actually reflect reality. Both data is wrong. @jmorga106 can you help?


Hey @velocity_8 sorry you are having trouble with the face. Largely the problem resides in the communication between your phone and your watch hardware. Make sure your phone and watch are correctly paired. I know my phone will drop the bluetooth connection to my Huawei every once in a while. Most watches come with some sort of app from the manufacturer that will tell you if the watch is connected.

I know when my phone has dropped my watch because the phone makes this annoying gong sound like every 5 minutes until I fix it. You can try any of these below:
a. turn off bluetooth on your phone and turn it back on again.
b. reboot the phone
c. reboot the watch
d. reboot both
e. Make your bluetooth queue on your phone “forget” about the watch, then pair the watch again.

For the TMP make sure your location setting is ON on the phone so the weather API will pick up your location, and from there collect the temperature in your area.

Hope this helps,

My Huawei watch keeps its own independent step count versus my phone. They never match on mine. Also I wonder for the TMP are you not getting a value at all, or is it just wrong?