MbM - Glashütte model line

Hey designers,
I decided to retool my older Sun & Moon watchface into a new line of faces. The Glashütte design incorporates old world, timeless styling from the birthplace of German watchmaking in Glashütte, Germany. Each model (the Steel, Gold Sunburst, and Midnight) incorporates a dusk-to-dawn 24-hour sun & moon rotation in the top seconds face. The hours face on the left includes a phone battery gauge. The minutes face on the right includes the date. Each model has its unique beveled, radially brushed metallic face (stainless steel, gold, and black titanium) with the embossed Morga branding at the bottom.

Thanks for any comments!


Hi John, looking good as usual. Loved your long post re Premium Designers. Think your observations are spot on and your 6K and GRRs syncs (see facer_io Instagram feed) are living proof, think Jimmy C might have tumbled too. Sad truth is that the demographic seems to be mostly 20/30 YO and lovers of ‘labels’, been fighting ‘labels’ for years but hey ho. If further proof were needed a quick look at the new ‘Explore’ window ‘10k syncs club’, the only paid for faces are all pastiche of classic branded faces.