MbM - Marrakesh Model Line

Hey everybody, just finished my Marrakesh Model Line. The Marrakesh is a minimalist retro throwback to 1960’s styling.
• The Sapphire Blue is the original of the series. A simple watchface with a blue, brushed steel face and beveled white gold hands and appointments.
• The rugged Black Titanium sports an embossed titanium weave inside an anodized stainless steel perimeter with beveled white gold hands and appointments.
• The sparkle of 24K gold glitter centers a pearlescent gold filigree outer ring on the Gold Dust model. High gloss appointments of Black Jade complement its elegant design.
• Lastly, The delicate Diamond Oyster sparkles with 25 accent diamonds and a glittered rose gold center surrounded by an oyster shell perimeter with beveled hands and appointments in Rose Gold.

Thanks for any comments,

Elegant and classy. A lot more complex than the naked eye would give for…
Really nice!

thanks CnP! appreciate the comment :smile: