"message" button


For some reason “message” button, that normally appears next to my icon when people click on it on a topic post disappeared.

It’s also not available on my profile page: Profile - Mellin - FACER Community

Is it something I can switch on in my settings (I cannot find it there)?

I think might be mine is somehow crashed. I don’t have message on my own iqon either. Might be because my profile is new ?

If you have Facebook I can send it there . My name is Eva Ann justesen

i can only press " first like" on my own icon.

On your I can see those buttons:
-# posts in topic

  • First Like

It’s so wierd… I don’t see it at all.

I see it now. Apparently it’s because I wasn’t a “basic user”

Under what did you find that setting?

I didn’t. I got a badge saying basic and then when I pressed it it explains.

Well, I have a basic badge as well…
But I also have a next one - member.