Michael Kors Help

Is there an inside secret on how to get watch faces from the Facer iOS app onto a Michael Kors Sofia watch? My watch and iPhone are connected.

I’m running the app on iPhone X.

It’s frustrating not being able to figure it out! Any hello would be appreciated.

I don’t have an IPhone so can only give second hand advice, sorry…

I found this thread, I don’t know if it will help …

A quote from this thread is:

“One thing you can check is that your ‘feed’ is enabled in the Android Wear app on your iPhone. Open the app and go into settings (gear at the top). It should be the second item down, ‘Your Feed’. This must be turned to ‘on’ in order for our app to work. Let me know if this helps!”

And a second area you can check; are you using the latest versions of the Android Wear and Facer Apps?

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