[Micro tip] Calendar on bezel

I’m making available my calendar solution with Sunday highlighted on the bezel.

Eight layers are used. The first layer shows the classic calendar. Another seven layers allow you to highlight Sunday with respect to the specific layout of the days of the week.

Calendar - rotation: (-#Dd#*11.6129032258)
Cal 0 - 6 rotation: (-#Dd#*11.6129032258)
Cal 0 - Opacity: $((#Dd#+0)%7)==#DOW#?100:0$
Cal 1 - Opacity: $((#Dd#+1)%7)==#DOW#?100:0$
Cal 6 - Opacity:$((#Dd#+6)%7)==#DOW#?100:0$

I am attaching the source file for Affinity Designer. If anyone needs individual pictures, maybe I can be talked into it. But AD is great and for a few bucks.
Hope this helps someone.


Hi for those of us who don’t have ID or have different software,or, have no understanding what’s going on here but are interested - please could you show us the ID resources. Pretty please! If that wasn’t pleading enough please let me know and I’ll try again!

Autocorrect changed ID to AD (affinity designer) - sorry about that!

Don’t you hate autocorrect - AD to ID :smiley:

I am attaching a zip archive with png images.

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