Minimal Green Analog Concept

This is more like a proof of concept than a full featured watch (in my opinion), but I thought the meter idea and minimal feel were worth sharing. Dim mode could probably be improved but I wasn’t sure what to include… Any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

Also, I wanted to add a date that you could toggle on and off with taps (otherwise I personally won’t use this one) but I couldn’t find an element to trigger it. Is that a premium designer feature?

Thanks everyone, hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


Awesome concept! I think the actual face looks like a really cool dim mode, and the numbers on the active face could be a little brighter? Just a suggestion :slight_smile: Yes, interactivity/trappable functions are limited to premium designers at this stage.

Thanks! The numbers look a little bit brighter on my watch compared to the preview but definitely a good point… I actually went back and made them darker a few times because I wanted the active number to pop more.

Ideally I’d like to make the active and inactive colors customizable on click but I guess I’ll have to wait for now. Plenty of ideas to keep me busy in the meantime though haha

Haha yes, limitless possibilities! You can do some funky tricks to make the colours change randomly every time on start up. Not quite like the toggle function, but might be an option?

Ah, that’s an interesting idea I hadn’t considered. Might have to give it a try this afternoon. I assume it could use something like ‘wakeRand(1, 3)’ and then map 1 to red elements, 2 to blue elements, 3 to green elements, etc… on the transparency.

Is that the best way to implement something like random color or is there an easier way I’m overlooking?

That’s the way I would do it, but I’m sure there are a million other ways as well :smiley:

Well, it´s a very nice idea but for me a little bit to minimalistic and some kind of strange to read.

Maybe you should add an discreet digital display for those who like to have a clear time information.

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Good work, I really do like this concept. I had worked on something similar but never felt like I nailed it. I think you did however.

As for the random, yes, wakeRand on transparency would be the best way to do it. Feel free to ask if you have any questions on how to do it. I like to do the wake rand a lot, here is an example.
Orakix - Adventure Hv100 - Random - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

I completely agree. It’s honestly doesn’t even have all the info I would need to make it a viable watchface but really this was more of a test to figure out how to make a minute meter than anything else.

Thanks for the feedback though, if I ever get access to the premium designer features I’ll probably allow the user to toggle through various amounts of additional info.

Thanks for the compliment, I really like the example you shared as well. It’s cool that the preview also chooses a random color every time I refresh the page so I can see the color options. Really nice work :slight_smile:

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You can also just click the sun icon to turn on dim and then back again to see the random effect. No need to refresh the page.