Minute hand/ hour hand placement help

Hello all. Currently I am designing a Space jam inspired watchface akin to the old-fashioned Mickey Mouse watches, where he stands in the middle and his arms rotate to tell the time. My only issue is i cannot seem to figure out how to keep Bugs Bunny’s arms anchored at the center to rotate around the face and tell the time with his hands. His arms always end up shooting all over the face, with his wrists or elbows or other parts of his arms pointing to the time. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Make sure, that images you use as hands have center of rotation in the same place as hand’s base (if they are eg 160x160, that hand starts in exactly 80x80 point). Then upload it a a new photo and add the right tag to it’s rotation setting.

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If you use the hour/minute/second default elements, you can upload your own image and it will use the edge as a rotation point.

sorry guys, I’m still unsure on how to fix this. Thank you for the advice though! I’ll keep working on it

If you could give us a link to your watchface we could be more specific.

I actually figured it out thanks to your advice! I appreciate it.

When you add your images make sure the hands are designed at the 12:00 position. Then you want to make sure the “align” is at the correct pivot point (probably should be the middle bottom selection). Then just drag them into position.

Nevermind, just saw you figured it out.