Minute hand tick

Hello first post here, great website, app and community

I’m trying to make my minute hand tick, like you can with the second hand using this code

I have tried this code and it ticks twice in the space of a minute, not once at the 12 oclock position

Can anyone help me ?

just an update for anyone reading this post, i managed to get the minute hand to tick but only when the seconds hand passes 6 oclock position using this code

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Welcome @michael2. If you want the Minute Hand to tick 1 minute just remove the S from the Tag. #DWFM# the S in this csse means smooth. That applys for Hours Minutes and seconds.
If you want say a 5 Minute tick you will have to do some maths for that.


Thank You russellcresser that is so simple :slight_smile:


It was the First Question I asked when I started about the Seconds Hand. I sent an Email but kindly got one back quite quick. Some Tags can be Dissasembed a bit but you can not just make stuff up as you can imagine. I will say we’ll done with your Maths but I have not tested it yet. I can look on my Laptop later.