Misalignment of progress bars on Android App


I have a misalignment issue on Facer’s Android App. Attached are the screenshots of the watch face on the facer website, and on the android app. You can see the blue phone battery and red heart rate progress bars intended to be on the right side were moved to the left on the android app preview.

I have tried duplicating the bars, deleting the old ones, rewriting the values for positions, then updating the watch face, but the problem still persists. Do I have to wait for a bit before the preview updates? What may be causing this problem? Thank you in advance.

Preview on android app

Here’s the watch face:

Using the progress bar does not work using the reverse direction from the menu. Repair is underway.

This can be solved temporarily by rotating the element in the opposite direction. Here’s an example:

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Ahh, I see. Thank you very much for the information! :slight_smile: