Missing Complication Data

Hi. I am a Facer Premimum User because I love all the creative designs and want to support the platform and the creators too.

But some of the complications data doesn’t work for me.

For example. I’m using the Steel V face by Dominus Mathias right now. But the values for steps, heart rate and Kms are all on zero.

I have a watch 5 pro and these values all work with the Samsung faces but not the Facer faces.

I would appreciate some pointers and help on this please.

Thank you

I have been in contact with Facer Support about some of my watch face users having issues with heart rate and step count. They have told me to ask them to turn their watch off, wait a minute then turn it back on. If that does not fix the issue, they would like to hear directly from you. You can contact Facer Support by emailing them at: facer-support@little-labs.com They want you to include the watch brand and model number, the operating system version plus the Facer app version you have. Also include a detailed explanation of the issue you are having so they can investigate what might be going on.

I have also noticed when you first sync a face with WearOS 3 (GW 4 & 5) that it takes a few minutes before the heart and sometimes the steps start to show. By the way I have the GW4 Classic and the GW 5 Pro.

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lazeewolf did you give all permissions to Facer (both on watch and phone)?
Physical activity, receive complication data, sensors?


Thanks guys. I already worked it out.

I restarted the watch last night and that fixed the problem. I was overthinking it as a permissions issue

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In general, some problems can be fixed by turning the clock off and on.