Missing watch faces since joining Beta

Since I joined Beta, I can only see my last two edited watch faces. I tried to leave Beta but it keeps rejoining me straightaway. Help please!

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Welcome @nuttzuk. Looking at your Profile it shows 8 designs. Are they all WearOS and Tizen. Or are some Apple. They are seperate on the new beta I think.
Is your Internet connection up to it.
All your designs should be safe on Facer server.
It all works well for me.

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look at the top of the new creator where you can select filters for what faces are visible. Most likely you are just filtering out some of your faces.


Thanks for your response but my internet is fine but I can still only see 2 designs when I go to create mode. I can see all 8 on my profile.

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Thanks for your response and suggestion but there are still only 2 designs when I look at my faces in create mode, depsite changing any of the filters.

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Do you see all your designs if you LOG OUT of the Beta Creator.
As always the Beta Release is a Work In Progress .
Give them some Feedback ,that is the Point of being a Beta Tester .
Please get back if it gets fixed.

Thanks for your response. I can’t log out or leave Beta. It automatically puts me back in. I’ve contacted them.

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Have you got your Laptop remembering your Logins and Password ?
I hope you get a Response from Little Labs soon .

Have you tried

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