MK Access Grayson Dim

Hi all, i have this problem.
dim screen is very dark, if i put in ambient mode is more brigthness (in lightned ambient), in classic mode is dark (it’ see little)… why?
my watch face is this:

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Nice face!

I have had a look at both bright and dim modes and I am sorry but I do not understand what you mean. The face in both modes seems very visible to me …

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my problem is that if I put ambient mode, in a bright room, it’s brighter than if I put classic mode, at the brightest brightness, while I would like it to be as bright as in ambient mode (maximum brightness) but in classic mode. in Dim screen. I hope I explained myself ^^

Mmm, sorry still not sure …

I don’t understand your three modes:

  • ambient
  • classic
  • dim

I only know of two.

I call these

  • active ( when all of the watch functionality is available, second hand moves, etc. ); and
  • dim ( when you cannot interact with the face until you “wake it up” and the second hand does not move)

So, are you saying that your face is brighter in DIM mode than it is in Active mode ( as I would call them )?

My classic mode is when i set manual brightness, in this mode when the watch is in active mode i see good, but when enter in dim mode see more less watchface, is very moreless brightless.
if i set ambient mode, when this enter in dim mode is very more brigthness (in lighte ambient) respect a classic mode at maximun setting.
i interessed a have a maximum light always in dim mode

Ok do I understand correctly …

Classic mode = smartwatch auto brightness off

Ambient mode = smartwatch auto brightness on


you want the brightness of the Dim mode face to always be high.

Is that right?

or are you instead referring to “Always On Mode”?

Yes, i want the brightness of the Dim mode face to always be high.^^

Here is your face on my Samsung Galaxy Watch


Always On mode : ON

Auto brightness: OFF

It seems to work ok for me with those settings.

If you want the brightness in the two modes ( active and dim ) to be similar then you can to this:

  1. edit your face so that the brightness of the face in active mode is less bright; and

  2. adjust the manual brightness of your watch to compensate for the less bright active mode face.

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OK, Thanks, I prefered to increase the brightness on dim screen for more visibility but it’s OK ^^ thanks alot

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It looks good to me. Thing about auto brightness, when you wake your screen in low light dim mode will be more dim too. So then going to highly lighted area you won’t be able to see dim mode. Make sure your watch is in a highly lighted area when it goes to sleep then your dim mode will be as bright as possible. I tested your faces on my Grayson and feels like it works very well since you changed the dim mode colour to pure white and not the light blue.

thank you for your reply, until now I was doing as you advised me. I was hoping for a better method or an app ^^ thanks alot