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Mobile app useability enhancements

  1. Add search field to Watchbox/My Designs tab in mobile app like we have in desktop browser version
  2. Allow draft (unpublished) watch faces to be added to collections (e.g. a personal/private collection). Dont always want to publish a face to public. A draft watch in a collection would only be visible to the owner.
  3. OR Allow a published watchface to be marked private so only visible to the owner and then this can be added to collections.
  4. Make the mobile preview watch face interactive as it is on desktop browser. Clicking actions hotspots in mobile does nothing. Should be same experience as in desktop.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jason. Just so you know, regarding your #2 above, if you save a Draft, it will then show in your Watchbox under My Designs, so it can be Private that way :wink:

Yes, but would be nice to search by name. I have too many watch faces😆

Also, the Watchbox on Android is broken for Draft watches (can’t confirm for iphone, as i don’t have one).
The names displayed are incorrect. Not an issue on the desktop browser though.
See pics below.
Some of my watch faces are kept in draft, as they are copies of real watches… So just for my enjoyment. I don’t publish these… But facer is broken for drafts.