Modes for faces

Hi all, I am new to facer here. This app is amazing, but I have a question about the two modes. I have a Galaxy watch 4, but I can’t seem to get dim mode/standby working from active mode. Are there specific settings to set this up? I tried looking around but didn’t find any solutions.


Welcome to the community! If you go into the quick settings at the top of the G4 watch you will find this toggle somewhere in there.


By clicking that watch looking icon and having it highlighted in blue like the picture above, you will have enabled AOD/Ambient mode. It will start keeping a dim version of the watch face you are using Galaxy or Facer on 24/7. Just be forewarned, your battery life will suffer.


Thanks! Also, I have AOD on, but watch won’t actually dim. It just freezes the face except for the clock part.

I have a Fossil Gen 6 and that does dim the screen a little. On some of my faces though, I also add a dimming layer visible only on the DIM screen that is a 160 radius black circle with opacity of 10-20%

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That all depends on how the creator designed the face. My Fossil Carlyle that I test with drops the AOD brightness by 30%-40%. My Galaxy 4 drops the brightness only by about 20%. As for the face freezing all watches (that I’m aware of) only update once a minute in AOD/Ambient mode. That is done for battery saving, just like dimming the display. The problem is every watch maker has different ways of handling AOD/Ambient mode. The TicWatch Pro series uses an LCD screen above the OLED screen. I would consider buying one of them except to see the regular face you “have” to push a button. If you just raise the watch up to view like normal to trigger the screen on, all you get is the LCD. I don’t care for that function working like that, but to each their own.


Ok, thank you for the info. Appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: