Modify Existing Faces?

I want to be able to modify a Face that already exist on the store/community because there are some I like but lacking a very specific feature i’d like to add myself. The creator of the face wont add it and I’m not skilled enough to recreate

Note that I wouldn’t be republishing the face, only for my use.

You should be able to add an additional element to a face and then click green button “update”.

You can also duplicate a face and edit it (since it won’t be public).

Really? How do I Duplicate?

I’ve looked all over the page, definitely cant see a duplicate button.

On the site find that face and click the “…” button.
There you will have “duplicate” button.

@Mellin I think @ben.fayers means modifying somebody else’s creation to adapt it to his needs.

This is what I mean.

However I’ve decided to start using the creator myself and making my own watchfaces.

@Mellin So I actually wanted to know if there was a way to edit existing faces. I remember I used to be able to go in and edit an existing face that someone else created and just send it off to my watch. Is that functionality not available anymore?

No, you cannot edit someone else’s faces and use them.
In some occasions you can use an inspection mode to see how does the face work, but only if the original creator allowed it.