Modify Others' Designs?

Hello all

It is amazing how large this community has grown in the past year.

If a watch design has inspector mode am I able to save a copy of it in my collection to modify?

I had thought that if it was available to be inspected, there was no copyright concerns.

For example, I am not a graphic designer and as such I am not good at creating components for my watch faces.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can make changes but not save in inspector mode.

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Most of us helps each other, so just ask what you might need and we’ll try to help…


If it helps any, there are a LOT of free resources out there if you can’t draw, or don’t feel confident in your artistic abilities.

Try googling “royalty free vector art” or some variation. Keep in mind, there are some shady sites out there who claim things may be free and taken from elsewhere.

Lots of sites like stockimages, etc offer collections as well, sometimes with a license or attributing/crediting the site obtained from.

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There are also some graphics available here in the Resources section:

Sadly, some of the older posts no longer have the attached graphics.

It would be fantastic if there was a permanent curated gallery of resources available for newbies or those less comfortable with design tools.


Hi zookcruzr,
It is usually best to check with the vendor or artist. Occasionally, you might even see DMCA takedown notices that have been issued to so-called “free” graphics sites. In addition you may notice watch face designs that have backgrounds snagged from Google Image’s iPhone (and other) wallpapers. If an artist has provided it for an OEM to include with their devices you can pretty much bet it’s not meant to be copied without a license. The same holds true for watermarked images.
See discussion: Sorting options

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