"Mono-pusher" chrono

Hello everybody. I was trying to make face working like so called mono pusher chrono equivalent.
That means tap always on same spot performs always the next task of chronograph.

  1. tap start
  2. tap stops
  3. tap resets
    I placed all the layers for each step over the whole screen so, that the should shift out and in as they are needed (at least how I expected them to work).
    a. Start/stop layer being in place only when SW is not running and elapsed time is 0 $#SWISRUNNING#==false&&#SWES#==0?160:480$
    b. Start/stop layer that is in place only if SW is running and elapsed time is not 0
    c. Reset layer that is in place only if SW is not running and elapsed time is not 0
    For some reason the reset seems to be pressed simultaneously with the stop without waiting for its order. Can anybody please help with suggestion how to make this work as intended, or where I am mistaken?
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Stupid idea on my part, but here goes. On the reset layer try separating it into two expressions. One in the X box with the #SWISRUNNING# part and the other in the Y box with the #SWES# greater than expression. If nothing else, you might be able to figure out what part doesn’t work.


Thanks, I tried that, also addad “visualisation” layers, but cant spot the critical moment.
I added some little delay (fraction of elapsed seconds) between start and stop layers, so it starts reliably, but realised I would actually need only two layers, if I could add any delay between running and stopped states, so the reset layer wont jump there in the same moment as the SW stops and causes it to reset instantly. Or at least if I could somehow retard the transition of the reset layer after the stop event occurs.


I had that same idea a while back and came to the conclusion that it cannot be done…

What I came up with is a watch face with only the 3 hands. The hands act as normal time telling, and can act as a stopwatch. Once the stopwatch is running, you cannot switch back to the time, you need to reset first, only then are you allowed to switch back to the time:

If you want to inspect it, let me know…


I used similar principle on my virtual medic premium face which can either start at the wake up or with the button, but the mode can be switched back only after stopwatch has been reset to prevent confusion. For that face the “monopusher” would be the best option as in such kind of stopwatch you do not need to resume once counting stopped.


I almost settled with that, but eventually I managed to make it work. The final catch was in order of the layers. The reset had to come below the stop. Not sure if it works well on each supported smartwatch, but at least in creator and on my Gear S3 it works.
Case closed, time to put it in use and to make it look pretty :slight_smile:


Alright! Nice one! I stand corrected…