Month and day problem

Hello , when a face has the whole month and day as words, doesnt apear in the watch .
What can i do ?
I restarted the watch but doesnt work
Galaxy watch 4 classic

I don’t know of course but it might be an “unsupported language” issue. To test that you could make sure that the language on your watch is set to English and see if the month and day are displayed correctly. As I understand it, WearOS & Tizen do not support all languages.

Thanks ,i tested and english words apears ,so there is no solution to my language right ?

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Possibly not … I think it might be an operating system issue.

I am giving some thought to using a VAR to give users the option to switch to English if the fields are blank due to language support issues.


This is a good idea at least there will be no blank but in english

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Hi @kpapag,

You can probably make any language work if it is hard coded into your design. Take a look at the following example that can be placed into the text field of the date:


If you substitute Mo for the Klingon version of Monday, you can get it to display Monday in Klingon. Same thing for Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su. This will be hard coded though, not to the users language.

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